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The Larrick kiddos

Yep!  School is OUT.  Kids are HOME.   What is a mom (or grandma) to do?

My hubby and I are currently gearing up for our second year of “Camp Nonna/Papa”. This is a whole WEEK of non-stop kid/grandparent activities and interaction. Last year we were novices. We did all the usual stuff…Get Air, Whitman Mission & Fort Walla Walla, daily swimming in our neighbor’s pool (thank you, Heidi!), paint ball (boys) and pedi’s (girls), and lots of snacks, ice cream and pizza. And the best part was being able to pour into our grandkid’s lives…modeling and sharing Jesus.

“One generation commends your works to another, they tell of Your mighty acts.”  Psalm 145:4

This year we are going to BLOW THEM AWAY! Lazer Tag in the backyard, swimming at Leslie Groves, Reach Museum, Hermiston Water Park…just to name a few. We are guaranteed to receive the “Best Nonna and Papa Ever” award. And we might still be standing when the week is over!

Now, if this sounds unrealistic…IT IS! But we only have a week and you have a WHOLE SUMMER!

Pedis 2014

Kate & Ruthie get pedicures

I asked my friend Jessica to compile a list of all the wonderful things there are to keep your kiddos occupied and engaged this summer and she came up with this awesome list (be prepared…it’s LONG!). If you can’t find something fun and new to do from this list, well, you’ve lived here too long!

Here we go….

Summer Activities 2015

Reading Programs and story times –


Summer Movies –


Kids Bowl Free


Summer camps and preschools


Festivals and Fairs


Vacation Bible Schools


Swim Lessons



Children’s Museum (near and far)


Live @5

Farmer’s Markets–markets/





Other Activities


Other resources for information


With many thanks to Jessica Larrick!   Larrick Family


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