About Bethel’s Women’s Ministry

 We desire to encourage all women at Bethel at every level of spiritual maturity to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.  Our hope is you will grow closer to the Lord and to one another by using your gifts, developing meaningful friendships, and serving others all according to the Word of God.
You can find the “Core Principles of Women’s Ministry” at the bottom of the page.

 Women’s ministries loves working with a team of women, using your spiritual gifts.  Every woman who comes to Bethel is needed and necessary. We just have to figure out what God has called you to and get started.  Come to JOY, FOCUS, or REV Bible Studies, attend a special event, or any of our other events listed on our website.  We would love to hear from you!!

Rachal Carr Joy AM Coordinator

Rachal Carr Women’s Ministry Director

IMG_0003Meridith Miller
Administrative Assistant

Meet the Core Team

Katie Raymond &
Jackee Benson
JOY Coordinators

Linda Blanchard
FOCUS Coordinator

IMG_0308 (6)Jessica Fuller &
Gwynne Dalseg
REV Coordinators

pampurvisPam Purvis
M.O.R.E. Coordinator


 Core Principles for Women’s Ministry

Purpose:  Encourage all women of Bethel at every level of spiritual maturity to grow in devotion to Jesus Christ and to one another according to the Word of God.

Women’s Ministry principles we focus on:

  1. Multiple Bible study offerings: Offer biblical truth relevant to all spiritual levels and seasons of a woman’s life through scripture-based studies.
  2. Multiple Entry Points for women: find your place of interest and grow. (e.g. Bible studies, workshops, worship nights, craft days, bruncheons, age specific groups, book clubs and more.
  3. Timely, varied communication to all women. (e.g. church and women’s website, blog, foyer flyers, Sunday bulletin, foyer bulletin board)
  4. Personal Story Development: help women to confirm, develop and share their personal faith in Christ through sharing their testimony (journey, story) within and outside the church.
  5. Gospel Teaching: core concepts taught so be able to share Christ with others
  6. Spiritual Gift development: Help women discover their talents and spiritual gifts by creating a variety of opportunities that allow women to minister in our various ministries.
  7. Selfless Service: Provide opportunities to serve and give financially to needs in and outside the church.
  8. Leadership Training and Development: Multiply and move “spiritually upward” leaders in all official ministries by purposefully providing ongoing leadership training.
  9. Leader Accountability: Ensure “integrity” by holding all leaders accountable in following the Bethel Church and Women’s Ministry covenants.